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Do you rely on your VW or Audi daily to get you to your destination dependably in comfort? Here's a few imperative ideas on saving your car from expensive repairs! 

1.  Avoid the quick-lube shops!

Here are a couple of reasons why you should avoid the quick lube places:

Here is 

1) You have a special car that requires special care.  Period.  
     This picture of a Volkswagen is probably very similar to yours. Notice how
     complicated it looks.  That is because it actually is that complicated.  It isn't just you.
     Volkswagens and Audis have very complex systems.  

     These cars require specialized knowledge for even the simplest of repairs.

     (If you wanted a cookie cutter car you could go to those cookie cutter shops.

     You obviously wanted more, right?)

2) Quick lube workers are not trained very well.  Check out this quote from Jiffylube: 

"Typically, new store employees complete courses that cover orientation, safety, customer service and one service position during their first 30 days. Every month thereafter, they are encouraged to complete training for additional positions, as well as sales and marketing courses and courses to learn about ancillary service."

On another site a Jiffylube employee stated, "The job is great because it is a quick way to learn about cars."  Yikes.
Notice they are not trained to work on cars...kinda scary. That guy could be working     on your baby...

2.  Put your A/C on your maintenance item list

  Your air conditioner needs regular maintenance.  Every year you should replace the pollen filter through which the air moves as it goes through your air        conditioner to your car.  Just like with your heating and air conditioning system at home, your filters being replaced can mean a significant improvement in how well your system works.  At the same time, if you are not replacing your filter you are putting unneeded wear on your air conditioner, causing it to work harder. 


3.  Avoid the A/C avalanche with a free inspection

If your air conditioner is behaving erratically, hot then cold, then hot then cold, you may need to get it checked out.  That could be an indication that some        components are not working.  The longer you drive like that the more damage you could do to the other parts of your A/C system.

For example, if your cooling fan goes out you could begin damaging your compressor.  At that point what began as a simpler problem has become very expensive and harder to fix.  It is better to get the system checked out when you begin to notice problems than to wait.  

That is exactly why we offer a free A/C inspection any time of the year.  Stop in and we can help you head off any future problems with your A/C so you stay cool this summer!​   

4.  Never ignore a flashing light!

Any flashing light means a serious problem! From coolant lights to Check Engine lights, the engineers at the Volkswagen Audi Group designed the car to set off a flashing light corresponding to a specific problem so you know it is not something to be ignored. Continuing to drive with any flashing warning light coming on is a serious risk to the continued reliability of your vehicle, so it is recommended that you shut down the vehicle and call us immediately!

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